Factory Butte

Miles from Hanksville: 16 miles 

An area near the butte, known as Swing Arm City, is a widely popular motorcycle/ATV recreation area. People travel from all over the world to ride here. Other parts of Factory Butte aren't open to ATV travel and are set aside for hikers and photographers who come from all over to see the unique formation. Be sure to look for shark teeth (remnants of an ancient sea) on your trip to Factory Butte!

Horseshoe Canyon,

"The Great Gallery"

​Miles from Hanksville: 47 miles

The hike to the Great Gallery is seven miles round-trip. Spend the day hiking to some of the most significant rock art in North America. Be sure to bring plenty of drinking water!

Goblin Valley State Park

Miles from Hanksville: 32 miles

Hike among the beautiful, strange rock formations known as "Goblins". Spend the day exploring the 3 square miles of Goblins, enjoy 7 miles of walking and biking trails, or play disc golf with their scenic 9 hole course.

​Robbers Roost Canyon

Miles from Hanksville: 61 miles

Made famous by Southern Utah's most famous outlaw, Butch Cassidy, Robbers Roost has gone from a criminal stronghold to a recreation mecca. Now, the area is not only made famous by the outlaws that used to hide out there, but also by Aron Ralston. Ralston was stuck behind a rock that had shifted as he was climbing in one of the areas many slot canyons. He eventually amputated his own arm and inspired the movie "127 Hours". ​

Mars Desert Research Station

​Miles from Hanksville: 7 miles

Astronauts from all over the world come here to be trained. This project was designed to develop knowledge needed to prepare for the human exploration of Mars. Although warmer than Mars, the Hanksville location was selected because of it's Mars like terrain and appearance. 

Hanksville, Utah lies right in the center of some of Utah's most scenic and breathtaking attractions. Plan to stay for a few days and enjoy the full experience that this remote area has to offer!

​Other Places of Interest

Giles Ghost Town- about 10 miles 

Little Wild Horse Canyon- 43 miles

Bullfrog (Lake Powell)- 67 miles

San Rafael Swell- 68 miles

Anasazi State Park- 83 miles

Fish Lake National Forest- 86 Miles

The Maze- 89 miles

Hell's Backbone Road- 92 miles

Natural Bridges National Monument- 96 miles

Arches National Park- 105 miles

Escalante Petrified Forest- 113 miles 

Canyonlands National Park- 117 miles

Dead Horse Point State Park- 119 miles

Valley of the Gods- 135 miles

Monument Valley- 154 miles

Bryce Canyon National Park- 155 miles

Zion National Park- 217 miles

​Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado)- 225 miles

Henry Mountains

​Miles from Hanksville: 30 miles

The remote Henry Mountains comprise two million acres of backcountry beauty, with an elevation range from 3,700 feet at the north shore of Lake Powell to over 11,600 feet at Mt. Ellen. This rugged landscape offers an abundance of recreational opportunities such as hiking, off-roading, camping, wildlife viewing, nature studies, photography, and hunting. In fact, the Henry Mountains are home to the only huntable herd of free-roaming bison in America, which can usually be seen on the South Summit Ridge of Mt. Ellen during the summer months. 

​​​Capital Reef National Park

Miles from Hanksville: 37

Explore historic Fruita and learn about the Pioneers who settled the small community and the Freemont Indians who lived there before them.  With lots of hikes for all skill levels and beautiful scenery, Capitol Reef is a must see!​

​Cathedral Valley

Miles from Hanksville: 46 miles (21 miles to the road that goes to Cathedral Valley)

The Cathedral Valley loop tour is a 59 mile drive that starts and ends on Highway 24. Well worth the drive, just be sure to bring food and water!

Things to Do